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Crossroads brings together two musicians with many years of combined professional music experience between them. Liam and Gerry have played with top acts such as Stockton's Wing, Kim Newport Band, Jargon, Magic Band and Ray Lynam Band. They also have put in their share of time on the local scene in the Northwest playing with groups like Sundown, The Passengers, Sandy Duskey and Easy Listenin', The Bubblemen, California, Jazz Ladds and Aquarius.

With a broad musical background, their set list includes everything from 50's rock n' roll to country, pop, classic rock, blues and everything in between. The boys pride themselves on performing a wide variety of musical styles and genres. They tailor their program to suit pubs, weddings, parties or corporate events. They have the flexibility to ensure their musical selection will be right for any audience, whether it be predominantly country, pop or more suited for dancing.

The band's name, "Crossroads," not only reflects the "intersection" of their diverse musical styles, but also the blending of their Irish and American influences, as well as the fact that they provide a full five piece live band sound through the marriage of technology (MIDI) and live instruments and vocals.  Check out the audio samples page to hear the band live

The boys also split the vocal chores equally between them with particular emphasis on strong harmonies and arrangements that are true to the original artist's recordings.  Finally, they have invested in the highest quality sound equipment including a top of the range 2400 watt PA system and a fully automated professional 3,000 watt lighting rig. Their goal is to provide the best entertainment value for money. 

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Email: crossroads@gmsproductions.com